White Russian

Ah....back to work already! Luckily both me and ♥ have been off ALL weekend together, saturday was pretty much spent on getting ready for the evening by doing my nails (bright red ofcourse..), finding out what to wear and so on! After a coupld of drinks at home we headed out to the penthouse and up 8 floors and we were there! Loads of people, loads of drinks and music!
Ofcourse we had to go out on the town, can't stop once we start you know! So we jumped into a taxi past midnight and continued the night there..even though it didn't last much longer since ♥ all of a sudden got a headache and I lost my need for alcohol so we headed home being the oldies we are...!

After a night out I guess most people - just like us, have a day of recovery! So Sunday was spent on the sofa, relaxing and eating junkfood ♥ Since autumn has started, loads of new series have started and old ones have continued so we had lots to watch and catch up on!

I started watching a couple of new series and ofcourse the old ones like Desperate Housewives, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and Supernatural are still favourites ♥ ♥ ♥

Here arefour promo trailers of some series I started or am thinking of checking out:

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