Grey Skies

Good morning! I've actually already been awake since 11 today even though I went to bed at 4am, sitting here getting ready for work with some tea, breakfast,my makeup bag and an episode of The Lying Game - a series that has just started this fall. After today I have my weekend, which means Thursday and Friday off ♥

Yesterday I got a nice surprise in the post, I finally received a top that I bought off Ebay around a month ago!! The only thing is the colour is not at all what it was in the pictures not quite sure if I like it yet as it's not a colour I usually would use.

Have to run to work now, hopefully I manage to get there before it starts pouring down..cause it looks like it's going to be one hell of a rainy day right now!!

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28-Sep-2011 kl.16:22

jeg tar gjerne den toppen jeg!! my kind of color :P


28-Sep-2011 kl.20:55

Stephanie: haha, tenkte meg det!! M prve den p et par ganger til, men liker jeg den ikke fr du den ;)


29-Sep-2011 kl.07:39

yayyy! *fingers crossed*


30-Sep-2011 kl.22:25

SV: Hehe. Skjnner hva du mener! :)

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