Silly Kissers

My "weekend" is almost over already and back to work starting at 3 tomorrow! Have had two nice days though, yesterday I got to do some shopping after having a month without shopping, so I decided to treat myself since I got pay pay not long ago!
Ended up with quite some things both clothes and makeup, haven't gotten to taking photos of the clothes yet, so that will have to come later!! ♥

Ofcourse I had to pass Zara, one of my favourite shops in the shopping area in Sliema! Found so much stuff the ladies from the dressing rooms had to tell me to leave some stuff behind....
In the evening me and the guys decided to go out for a pizza and some wine, so after passing my aunt who lives down the street and having a drink with her and my dad, we got a ride to the pizza place in the back of his twoseater van..made the trip abit more interesting haha ♥

Today has been a total relaxed day for me and my love ♥ We went shopping for some food and have made home made chicken and veg soup, the best recipe ever which is passed down from my grandmother. Ofcourse served with grated parmesanandmaltesebread♥
Along with the cooking we have been catching up with some of the series we watch together, I have enjoyed a deep cleansing facemask and we have watched a movie called Tideland. If you like crazy,different movies filled with fantasy you should definately watch it!

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