Soul Food

Finally back on my own PC being able to use it without problems again ♥So here are some photos from the past couple of days....after uploading all the photos here I'm noticing they're mostly of food..... I can't help it, always love some good food and good food is worth taking pictures of ♥
We've had some nice days, spent a day with my dad at a hotel in Mellieha, spending the day drinking wine and drinks and the evening for a dinner buffet in one of the hotels restaurans.
Apart from that me and my love have had some days at home, making delicious homemade food like sheperds pie, creamy chicken and chili soup, porkchops with garliccreamed potatoes and ofcourse an english breakfast with mini sausages ♥

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Madde K.K

11-Oct-2011 kl.23:17

s ut som masse god mat!


11-Oct-2011 kl.23:32



12-Oct-2011 kl.22:53

Madde K.K: Alltid godt med god mat om det er hjemmelagd eller restaurantmat :D


12-Oct-2011 kl.23:20

Nam Nam!!! Gleder meg til dere kommer hjem s vi kan st og kokkelere sammen! :D


12-Oct-2011 kl.23:47

fairiesandpixies: JA! Har blitt litt flinkere lage masse mat etter ha flytta hit, s blir mye mat spise nr vi kommer hjem igjen :P

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