Time to catch up

Once again I haven't been too good in putting out pictures from our every day life, as I apparently have gotten addicted to Polyvore and making wishlists lately! So here is a summary of some of the pictures from the past week, some older than that..pretty much just some shots here and there which I havent't gotten around to posting yet ♥

We've been over at my dads for delicious dinner..which we ate too quickly and forgot to take any photos of it. I was in charge of dessert that day, so I made Cookie brownies and Lemon squares to bring and as usual had way too much food as he had made beef wellington for the main course and a deilicious fresh mozzarella salad for starters♥

Apart from that we had a surprise birthday party a couple of weeks ago, I think I mentioned it but never posted any pictures...lazy me...

The last week both me and my love have been home from work with the flu! So to make the days slightly better even with fever, migraines and what not..we made sure we had some good breakfasts and maybe abit too much comfort food(and by comfort food I ofcourse mean pizzas and chocolate!).

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