14 days to go

So yesterday was my last day working for Betsson, felt abit strange leaving the office for the last time after being there for 1 year. I've never actually had a job that long before, haha! So now the 2 weeks of holidays in Malta start before me and my love head back to Norway, looking forward to having 14 days off in a row meeting friends, family and relaxing♥

On tuesday I was the only one working, but my lovely decided to come meet me for the very last time in my lunch break. So we went to Busy Bee where we've had some of our lunches before, bought each our lunch and a small, deilicious little cake thing to share and ate outside in the sun ♥

Also a couple of days ago I decided to take photos along the way to work, this is where i've been walking back and forth to work for the past year! So I had to capture it before it stopped being a daily routine ♥

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