Dance the Dance

From 14 days to go we're already down to 10 days until we move back to Norway. The past four days have passed way too quickly, ecspecially since three of them have consisted of going out and drinking perhaps a tiny weenie bit too much...
Anyways! We've enjoyed ourselves and I've taken quite alot of photos, here are some of them! The first night we had went out for only a couple of drinks, and you know how that usually ends up, we stayed at a place called Bar Native in Paceville ♥

We've also had my dad, a friend of his and my cousin over for a couple of rounds of poker, whisky, red wine and loads of cheese..The night ended most of us being abit poorer, with my dad winning the money and me actually coming in second!! Yihaa!

Ofcourse after a late night and after consuming a bottle of delicious sicilian red wine all by myself a good breakfast is needed, the choice for that day you can see above! ♥
We also went out to Black Gold bar in Sliema that day..but I kind of failed to take any pictures as the night ended up as the last one..a couple of beers turning into shots, drinks, midnight ham&cheese crpes and going to bed at 6.30 am.. ♥

On Saturday we had plans to go out once again and meet at the same Bar Native in Paceville, with myheels and red lipstick on we booked a taxi and drove off! I left the rest when we got there to join a couple of friends at a consert venue called V-Gen to watch a localband called Dolls for Idols.
The rest of the night was spent laughing so much I cried, drinking vodka and..well whatever you do when you're out and about!! ♥

Mmmm...on Sunday me and my love did not move one inch, we stayed on the sofa watching all the episodes we hadn't watched yet like Dexter, The Walking Dead and Grimm. Ofcourse we ordered takeaway too, which was fromTex Mex, for you who think it looks kinda disgustingly greasy and was! Steak fajitas with loooads of toppings and Chicken enchilada stack with cheese all over the place ♥

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ugg sko

15-Nov-2011 kl.04:15

Stilig <3! love the photos!! chuck and blair <3 skjekk ut her og :) :)


15-Nov-2011 kl.17:47

ugg sko: Takk takk :) Skal sjekke innom deg ogs!

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