Triple Layers

Today has been quite a relaxed and love woke up at around 1 and decided to wake up our roommate! We got ready and headed out for some breakfast, ofcourse with our speed with weren't out and sitting down at the caf until 3pm. We had each our full english breakfast along with a couple of nice cappucinos, exactly what we all needed!!

After that we headed home again and had a couple of hours to relax at home before getting ready for my dad to come pick us up at to go over to his place for drinks and some snacks. We got there, with 3 bottles of wine, one red, one ros and one white ofcourse..we need some choice don't we?
We were told there wouldn't be any food but after we sat down and starting talking and drinking more and more food started coming out! Like mini pizzas, cream cheese and salmon wraps, dips, cheese platters, salami and ham platters, chicken drumsticks and so oooon...if there is one thing both sides of my family knows, its definately F O O D ♥ And mygod i'm thankful for that...♥

We ended the evening with a delicious triple layer chocolatecake from a local confectionary after loads of food, a couple of bottles of wine, good music and talking! Now I have to go off to bed,we have to get up in under 7 hours to get ready. We aremeeting my grandmother and her boyfriend to celebrate their 6th anniversary ♥

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