Cherries in Cuba

Yesterday me and love hada date with my grandmother and her boyfriend, we met in Sliema at Caf Cuba for some lunch(breakfast in our case...). We stayed inside, hiding from the grey and rainy weather enjoying eahcothers company, catching up and eating good food.
Me and love had a pizza each, the pizza there is so delicious and with the autenthic pizza oven right behind us for the guests to see it was too tempting to choose anything else! The rest had some delicious dips, lemonbattered chicken fingers and maltese bread ♥

Ofcourse we had to have some sort of dessert...yes, we did start our day with a 2-course breakfast! We all ordered coffees and cappucinos and different cakes like banoffee cake, carrot cake and cherry cheesecake ♥ All of them were delicious and we had no problems finishing it to the last crumb!
We payed(my grandmother payed ♥) and walked a little around the shops until we followed them to their bus and said goodbye. The weird thing is that they are going back to Norway 2 days after us, so we could say "see you in Norway next Sunday for dinner" when saying our goodbyes.

After abit of persuading I got my love to stay around in Sliema a little longer, to have a look around the shops! I found a couple of things, ofcourse some of the being from Zara! I got a pair of nude/leopard print tights and a pair of grey dotted tights ♥ I also finally found a pair of plain, cute, black ballerinas from Zara with pink/black dotted pattern inside ♥
Last but not least I went crazy for cobalt blue at Bershka and bought both a top and a cardigan in the same shade ♥

The evening was spent relaxing on the sofa with some Subway takeaway food, my love playing his new PS3 game Battlefield and me watching series like 2 Broke Girls, New Girl and 2 and a Half Men ♥

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17-Nov-2011 kl.18:34

s fin blogg du har! :-)


17-Nov-2011 kl.19:12

May: Koselig hre, takk!! :)


17-Nov-2011 kl.19:38

s koselig <3 gleder meg til sndagsmiddag med dere neste uke!!!


18-Nov-2011 kl.15:19

Stephanie: Jaa :) :) Og mange mange fler etter det!

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