Royally Stuffed

So the last couple of days I haven't really spent much time on the PC apart from a series here and there. So here comes a little update from the last days, on Thursday me and love were invited over to an oldfriends house for dinner. Being the foodcrazed people we all are, Martina the host had prepared a 4-course meal. Starting with different dips, then over to a delicious pasta made with cream, maltese sausage, spinach and mushrooms!
We were all stuffed but still made space for the two last "dishes", a cheese platter and finally a coffee chocolate gateau made by Dean's(Martina's long lost soulmate) mother.

After a couple of bottles of red wine, laughs and even having some company over Skype from my big sister and my loves big brother it was time to leave and go to bed with stomachs filled with delicious food ♥

The next day, which would be Friday us three roomates headed out of our flat and on to a bus towards Valletta. The guys wanted their meal to be from Burger King, so the first stop was ofcourse exactly that! I skipped Burger King and just ordered an iced tea ♥
Martina who we had dinner with the night before works in a shop in Valletta, so I surprised her showing up at the counter to see her as usual dramatic reaction! Never gets old!

Just to explain the picture above, it is a sweet/pastry kind of thing from Malta, a deep fried pastry filled with dates and is DELICIOUS! If you ever come to Malta, be sure to taste these things, they're called Imqaret.

Anyways, after the little visit I had to pass one shop Pull and Bear where I found two new black skirts, I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of them yet and I'm not going to promise I will either..! After the shopping was done I was starved, so I dragged the guys along with me to find a cozy little restaurant so I could get some food too.
We found this cute little place called ChezCyrille Cordial, serving Meditteranean and French food,fitting maybe 30 guests all together. I was the only one eating, so the guys ordered an onion soup, a dessert and I ordered a delicious ricotta ravioli and half a bottle of red wine ♥

Cleaning all our plates completely, finishing the wine to the last drop and ending the dinner with a cappucino each we left happy and walked slowly back to the busses to head home ♥

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