Past 7 Days

The past two weeks have been busy busy, out during the day, coming home to get ready for the evening and then out the door again! Which means i haven't had time to post anything new here, so here comes an update for the past week or so.

So last Sunday, our last weekend in Malta we had a date with some friends of ours to go to Badass Burgers, which has the badast, biggest, juiciest burgers! We were supposed tomeet for some drinksbefore going to eat, but with our speed, we didn't make it! So we went straight for thefood and I ordered the The Daddy which has jalapenos, pepperedcheese,bacon,onion rings and BBQsauce, next to thatI orderedan extra meat patty on the side with olives, feta cheese and tomatoes ontop ♥Ofcourse I didn't manage to finish everything, to the extra patty go to comehome with meas a midnight snack!
Food consumed andbuttons ready to pop, we payed the bill and wentover to Dubliners forsome after dinner drinks, in mycase a couple of southern comfort and cokes ♥

The next day we got up kind of early as we wanted to head out somewhere to take to pictures, while love was getting ready I went down to the postoffice to pick up a package that was waiting for me there, inside I found a new black handbag(which I haven't taken pictures of yet) and this cute skullring ♥
After that we agreed with my dad to head to the cemetary, a beautiful place to take pictures as it's quite different and muchmore personal thanthe standard cemetaries in Norway. Also I got to visit the graves of my grandmother, uncle and my dads uncle which I hadn't visited for years!

We bought flowers and candles and cleaning up our family plot and walked around for an hour or so taking pictures before it was time to leave again, my dad dropped me and love off in Paceville and he headed home.
We passed a new shop we had discovered a couple of days before where we bought some small xmas presents for my dad and then crossed the road over to Scotsman, where I had heard they had delicious fish n'chips. We ordered each our portion, complete with mashed peas, curry sauce and buttered toast and the rumours were true, it was delicious ♥

Tuesday came and only two days left in Malta, we spent the day in the flat packing, cleaning and getting ready to move 15 months of living(and shopping)back to Norway! In the evening we went out to eat with my dad at the restaurant he works in called Il-Fanal in Marsascala. We had been there before but not while living in Malta. I got the grilled chicken with peppersauce and the others had pizzas and chinese food(the menu in that place is HUGE, they have three different menus to choose from).
With my dad knowing the boss we also got a couple of bottles of wine on the house which we ofcourse did not say no to ♥ We stayed til they closed the place and left together with the cooks and waiters after having our cappucinos and chocolate cake ♥

The last evening in Malta I don't have any pictures from, we were invited to my dads partners parents house to celebrate her daughters 12th birthday, which meant lots and lots of family, way too much food, enough drinks to get the town tipsy and delicious banoffee cake as the birthday cake. The evening ended and it was time to say bye to my family and say thank you for the past year ♥

The next day we had to get up early in the morning, get ready and pack the last couple of things, stuffing stuff wherever it could fit in our five suitcases andthree handluggages! Everything went ok, we checked in and off we went after a sad goodbye to my dad and our flatmate.
One stop in Stockholm, someoverpriced foodand 6 hours later we landed in Oslo and now here I am one week later!

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