The Devil and me had a Falling Out

Time for another update, this time about the week that has passed after me and love came back to Norway! We have hardly had time to sit down since we came back, the first evening passed quickly with catching up and delicious gulash dinner at my mum
Then the next day we had time to start unpacking(I had three suitcases...two of them around 25kgs and the last almost 40kg!!), cleaning and sorting out our stuff here and there. The evening was already booked with my sister and her love, we went to see Clutch at Sentrum Scene in Oslo♥ We had all seen them once before, but would never say no to another consert with them!!
After a couple of hours of fun and one hell of a lively ending to the consert we ran to make the last train to head home and even had time for a quick drink at a bar on the way to the station while the guys had their usual kebabs.

The next day we were invited to mother inlaw for the traditional "pinnekjtt" which is salted lamb ribs together with bacon, mashed peas, potatoes and other sides to go with it. If it were up to me, it would be enough with just the sides, the meat itself I could manage without! We stayed there for a couple of hours enjoying dinner, dessert and ended watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Sunday was time for dinner at my mum, my grandmother and her boyfriend(yes, she has a boyfriend and they're too cute together!!♥ ) had just come home from their 1 month holiday in Malta, so we gathered the whole family again for a nice indian dinner
For dessert we had lime cheesecake with berries ontop

Apart from that I have already started working in a kindergarden so I've worked there 4 out of 5 weekdays this week, me and love have catched up on The Walking Dead series, enjoyed a nice long breakfast and we have had a friend over and watched Water for Elephants♥ A movie I think I would want to watch again

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