Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

The weekend has already passed and I can feel I'm starting to get a cold.. I've been feeling kind of sleepy most of the weekend and when I woke up today I felt my throat all swollen, so I haven't done mutch today apart having a nice healthy breakfast to try keep the germs away, a nice long shower, a cleansing facemask and surfing around on the pc

The weekend has mostly been spent with mine and loves brother and sister and the best kid in the world ♥ Friday was just relaxing on the couch after work with the latest The Walking Dead episodes and a delicious dinner with reindeer meat made by my love
Saturday we slept late and had some planning to do for the baking day Sunday, in the evening me and sis finally went to the cinema to watch Twilight, Breaking Dawn and it was as good as we had hoped ♥While we watched that the guys and the little guy went to watch Happy Feet 2 in 3D and they had enjoyed their movie too!
After that we drove to our brother and sister and started making the dinner for the evening, typical Norwegian tacos and finished off the evening with music, laughs and drinks until 5am

The next day all of us were kindof tired after a late night and one too many drinks for some of us..! After we all got out of bed, had some breakfast and our dose of coffee the baking day could begin. We started with the gingerbreadmen(pepperkaker in Norwegian) and then ofcourse decorated them aswell as the gingerbreadhouse after they were cooled off
Apart from that we made coconut macaroons(kokosmakroner) and a little treat I found the recipe for which is cornflakes mixed with chocolate, cream and maplesirup and cooled off in the fridge
The day ended at home with a glass of red wine and mummys homemade veggie soup

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