From the Skies

Yesterday the snow finally decided to arrive, all of a sudden in the middle of my lunchbreak from work I saw the well known white, cold fluff falling from the skies again and by the time the evening came all the houses, trees and streets were covered in snow
After being away from the minus degrees, cold, ice and winter weather it was actually kind of nice to see it again, even though i'm already complaining about the cold and as soon as christmas passes I know i'm gonna start complaining about the snow too!

For dinner me and love decided to make a healthy dinner since we were both feeling that the flu or a cold was on it's way with aching ears and swollen throats. We made homemade croutons, fried bacon and chicken breasts, love made a nice dressing and we turned all this into a delicious ceaser salad along with nice veggies and lots of feta cheese ♥And a couple of glasses of red wine ofcourse....

After staying at the dinner table for over an hour after we finished dinner, me and love decided to take a walk in the woods to see and enjoy all the new snow before we get sick of it or it melts! We walked into the woods, where we have walked quite some times before, took pictures, kicked the snow around and just talked and walked

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