Santas Workshop

I can't beleive its been 10 days since last time I posted something here!! That's what happends when christmas just keeps getting closer and closer, there is family gatherings regularly and we even had some guests from Malta who stayed for a week ♥ So if you ask me I think I should be excused from the blogging..nobody wants to sit infront of a laptop spending their time blogging instead of with their friends on their first trip to Norway and even their first time ever seeing snow! I have loads and loads of pictures from that week I'll post here sooner or later, but first some from yesterday

Katta(Katarina), an old friend invited us girls over for a "christmas workshop" at her flat in the middle of Oslo yesterday. So me, my sister and a friend of ours got into the car and drove what should have took maybe 40 minutes to get their, instead we spent over 1 hour trying to find this place of hers, always tricky to find new places in Oslo, but ended up quite the entertaining roadtrip!
When we got there, we ate the traditional christmas porridge served with butter, sugar, cinnamon and one whole almond in the whole pot, the one who gets it getsa small gift the host has bought ♥ This time it was me who got it andI got a cute little "DIY xmas decorations" package to make two small gnomes.
The evening was spent eating homemade chocolate chip cookies, talking, painting tealight holders, making wollen slippers and small figurines

Today I haven't really done much, I started my day being lazy watching a couple of series in bed, got up for a delicious breakfast and a huge cup of tea and since then I have been sorting and fixing all the pictures on my pc ♥ Now I'm taking a small break and going to go bake some christmas bread, the type with raisins in..i'ts so delicious just with some butter or maybe some jam on

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