Whiskers and Whisky

Long time no posting...! Last week, the days just flew by, I started a my new job in a kindergarden last Tuesday and already during the first day I got asked to work fulltime instead of the original 70% that they hired me to work which is great!! More money in the bank for travelling ♥ The rest of the week was just getting to work, home again, making some delicious dinners and relaxing on the couch watching all the series that started up again after christmas.

When the weekend came, it was already fullybooked..well except for Fridays which usually is my relaxed day during the weekend where we made homemade pizzas, watched tv, ate cookies and ended the evening quite early!
Saturday we were invited over to a party where my love is from and after getting talked into going, we went over and got..nicely put, slightlytipsy. Meeting friends we hadn't seen since moving to Malta again and also meeting some nice new people too, we had a succesful evening

Obviously being quite tired, on Sunday we slept late and had to force ourselves to getting out of bed at around 2pm... We were going to have a family celebration of my sisters 25th birthday with her favourite dinner and the best chocolate cake in the world ♥ Everything was delicious, she was happy with here presents and we ended the evening playing a new game my grandmother brought called Sequence

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