With Buttercream Frosting Ontop

The weekend passed as quickly as always and yes I know it's already Tuesday today.. Since Friday I have been lying in bed or on the sofa sick with fever, headaches, a bad cough and everything else you can think off all at once! So in other words my weekend was a quiet one with not much happening, well apart from a really nice cozy evening at my sisters for a girls night to celebrate her 25th birthday. She had prepared some tapas like fetacheese dip, hummus, tzatziki, garlic stuffed olives, marinated cheese, homemade Indian chicken patties and pitabread to eat it all with
A couple of hours passed quickly with us girls catching up, talking about this and that and enjoying the food. Ofcourse she had prepared something sweetto end with too, chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting which were delicious
Katta, one of our friends had broughtalong her own sweets, she had baked brownies and filled them with a peanutbutter cream, yummy!!

Since I've had no energy at all and just moved from bedroom - sitting room - bedroom I haven't been doing much else than watching series and movies, Sunday evening me and my mum watched a Woody Allen movie together called Midnight in Paris. Both me and my mum have lately discovered that we both love Woody Allen's movies, they're easygoing, funny andsarcastic with not too much of the hollywood drama.
Watching that film made me daydream about beautilful Paris, I've never been there, but I deifinately have to go one day
How canyou notfall in love with Paris when it looks like this??

All pictures from weheartit.com

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