Once Upon a Time

A short update from today, it has been a nice, quiet and relaxed day for me. Still on sickleave with pneumonia and bronchitis from work, so I slept late and got up to see it was actually nice and sunny outside(even though it was still -6...)! So I enjoyed a long yummy breakfast in the living room enjoying the sunshine coming through the windows and it looked like my cat was enjoying the view too ♥ 
The rest of the day has been spent doing this and that, cleaning abit here and there and catching up with some episodes of the series Once Upon a Time, perfect if you like fairytales! All of a sudden it's time to go to sleep, sick people need rest you know!

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Keep Smiling

21-Jan-2012 kl.02:01

fine bilder :)

Jenny Michelle

21-Jan-2012 kl.02:50


Når du føler du trenger en forandringer gå til jmwebdesign.no og få et nytt design GRATIS.

Håper du får en super fin helg!

Hilsen Jenny Michelle


28-Jan-2012 kl.10:40

Takk for tips, har lastet ned nu, fint å ha noe å kose seg med i helgen ;)


31-Jan-2012 kl.22:37

katarina: Bare hyggelig!! Hvis den blir for "sukkersøt" så er kanskje en som heter Grimm bedre :D

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