Dino Sprinkles

The weekend is almost over and so is my sickleave from work, tomorrow means back to work and freezing my butt off getting there in the morning! I've had a nice quiet and alcohol-free weekend since I'm still getting better and also on antibiotics for a couple of more days.
Yesterday I made myself the best breakfast(and also the most fattening I think....) in a long time, which was a stack of three french toast along with maple syrup between each slice and a whole lot on top with some yummy berries What I had with it was abit healthier at least, a cup of blueberry yoghurt with more berries like blueberries, blackberries, rasberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants

At 4pm we were invited over to my sister to celebrate mine and love's nephew 7th birthday, in other words the best boy in the world's birthday! Almost the whole family was there, uncles, aunts, grandfather, step-grandmother, cousins and even a dog and the three cats of the house.
We had hotdogs, the kids played while the "grown-ups" talked, had chocolate cake with mini-dinos ontop, tea and coffee and ofcourse opening of the little guys gifts
Me, my mum and love ended up staying there til 10 in the evening, talking, me playing with our nephew and his new toys and having a nice time

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22-Jan-2012 kl.21:18

supernice bday!! <3

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