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Weekend came and weekend left...all over in what felt like a single day. Anybody else who votes for 3-day weekends??
My weekend probably passed quite quick asI didn't spend much time sitting around, well..apart from Friday which consisted of tv-series, homemade pizza and some pampering whileenjoying having the whole house to myself♥ When Saturday came I started it with a delicious breakfast as always, I need my weekly dose of eggs which I never bother to take time to make for breakfast during the week.After an hour or two relaxng with a cup of teas infront of the tv the day could start.
In the evening we were celebrating my brother inlaws 30th birthday, which was all a surprise, so 12 of his closest family and friends all sneaked there way in to Oslo and headed towards Hard Rock Caf for a surprise birthday dinner.
Everything went well, everyone enjoyed themselves and I think he was infact quite surprised! So after a couple of glasses of red wine, a delicious hickory burger, chocolate mousse for dessert, helium voices, birthday song singing and talking we each went our seperate ways.

While some went home, some of us went back to their house for a little "afterparty" where a couple more people showed up happy to join the celebration. We drank, made silly "now you're old" jokes, drank some more, ate popcorn, danced around and everyone finally landed in the beds and sofas around the house ♥ I think we all could agree it was a good evening and night!
Slightly hungover we crawled out of bed on Sunday and spent most of the day on the sofa feeling sorry for ourselves, eating birthday carrot cake and rehydrating ourselves! The weekend ended with Sunday dinner at the inlaws, all of us more tired on Sunday than we started with on Friday...

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Martine Ervik

01-Feb-2012 kl.00:10

Fine bilder! Maten s sinnsykt god ut:)


02-Feb-2012 kl.15:42

Martine Ervik: Takk :) Har aldri kunnet klage p maten p hard rock caf, alltid godt!!

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