Friday in the Kitchen

Relaxing, relaxing and a tiny bit more relaxing... That's what my Friday consisted of, still feeling abit week,tiredand sickish so I spent the day on the sofa with nice company from my cats while the rest of the house went off to work
I watched a couple of films, some series and let the hours pass until it was getting close to dinner time. Pizza was on the menu ofcourse, perfect for Fridays!
After the pizza was well on it's way to being digested I continued the evening in the kitchen, using the leftover pizza dough I decided to try out a couple of things just to use it. So if you ever have some leftover pizzadough maybe you can try out one of these!

First thing I made was this peanutbutter and jelly pleated"pastry", I served it along with ice-cream and the whole thing became abit too much for me. Don't know if it was that I was still full from the pizza, the choice of jam or something else! Maybe it's better the second time I taste it this evening..!

Second thing I made was this foccacia tasting pastry, with melted butter, olive oil, garlic and oregano this definately turned out ALOT better than the first "project" and is already all gone.

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