Wine, cupcakes and mothers

Another nice weekend has passed, even though it was abit slowed down by me being sick for a change.. On Saturday we were invited over to some friends of ours for dinner, wine and beer. None of us had ever been there before, so it was great to see their new house(well....not THAT new, it's 200 years old!!)in the middle of nowhere, really really cozy with an old fireplace, stairs that squeak and the woods right outside the window

Sunday was mothersday as most people probably know, so we had a small family dinner at our house gathering the closest. Me and sis took care of dinner and dessert for the evening so mummy and grandmother could just relax, Coq Au Vin was on the menu for the evening with apple and peanutbutter cupcakes
Both things were completely new to all of us, the dinner had never been made before or tasted by any of us and same for the cupcakes, but being the amazing cooks and bakers we are everything turned out really good!! Nice, relaxed evening to celebrate the best mother in the world!

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