Thursday Friday

So, on Wednesday I had my last day at work in the kindergarden. Which means Thailand just keeps on getting closer and closer, at this very minute me and love are leaving Gardermoen airport in 13 days. Thursday I didn't really do much apart from making this delicious cheese bread and lazing about all day♥If you're interested in the recipe you can find it over here.
Friday my sister and loves brother came over for dinner, me and sis made these chicken enchiladas, first time ever and they turned out great(spicy...but delicious)! While the guys spent the rest of the evening playing their playstation me and sis sat down to watch the Oscars, enjoying seeing all the pretty dresses andgorgeous people! Friday it was their turn to invite us over for dinner, we had a relaxed evening making some homemade pizzas, watching Senkveld and then me and sis tried out a new recipe from one of my chocolate cooking books. Not that succesful, our first time making cheesecake brownies..and the cheesecake partdidn't want to bake. Still tasted yummy!!

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