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Last Saturday I had my first make-up project in a long time, a girl from the youth club I used to work at had asked me to do some make-up on 6-7 girls for a photoshoot she was going to have. Ofcourse I said yes even though it wasn't paid, but it seemed like something fun to be a part of ♥ You can see her blog over here by the way! So during the day on Friday and some of Friday evening I spent my time drawing these make-up charts, one for each girl. The photoshoot was during the day on Saturday and I kept on going from 2pm and until I was barely done with the last girl and we had to get out from the building at 7pm with only a 10 minute break! Was fun though and all the girls including the photographer seemed to be satisfied, unfortunately I didn't have any time to take any photos while doing their make-up and when they were done. So I'll post some as soon asI get them from Rebecca!!
Saturday evening ended over at a friends apartment, with tacos, her cute dogs that I always want to take home and then some homemade cinnamon buns which were delicious ♥

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Love your blog! ♥

Sunniva J. Klausen

06-Mar-2012 kl.12:44

fin Blogg :)
Maten der fristet hvertfall. :-)


07-Mar-2012 kl.14:14

Anne Maren It's my life, let : Thanks!! :) :)


07-Mar-2012 kl.14:15

Sunniva J. Klausen: Tusen takk :)


07-Mar-2012 kl.14:16

Lone Agnethe: Hehe, ja taco og hjemmebakst slr aldri feil!! :)

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