Bangkok with it's giant lizards and world's largest golden Buddha you probably noticed the plans about blogging while me and love were out and about travelling didn't really work out, too much time would have been wasted sitting at internet cafs so I decided to skip the whole thing! Instead I have been keeping a written journal throughout the trip, and ofcourse taken LOADS of photos along the way(close to 4-5000 photos between the two of us. So I hope you're ready for some photos from South-East Asia! We were gone for 2 months exactly, spent most of our time in Thailand but had a two weeks in Laos and two weeks in Cambodia too ♥
We actually left for Bangkok, Thailand on my birthday the 17th March! Definatelynot the worst thing I've done on my birthday ♥ So after having a delicious breakfast with the whole family along with homemade chocolate croissants, we packed the last couple of things, got the backpack on our backs and off to the airport we went!

We arrived in Bangkok at around 10am (bangkok time) after flying for almost 12 hours, hardly any sleep on the plane and a couple of movies laterwe were both quite tired.But thanks to the perfect railway system in Bangkok it took only about 30 minutes and we found our hotel Nasa Vegaswhich was just 5 minutes walk from the skytrain station. We got checked in and both of us just went and collapsed on the bed and slept for 5 hours before we had some energy back and were ready to go out into Bangkok and see what we found! We just hopped on to the underground and got off at a station the receptionist had recommended for some late night food, not sure if we found the place they meant but we ended up at this strange looking place right outside what looked like a garage or a carwash with only locals sitting there, so we decided to try it out! They had chickens hanging from hooks around the "outdoors" kitchen and we decided on some chicken soup and fried rice with chicken, both delicious ♥
The rest of the evening we just walked around without any idea of where we were or where we were heading, we ended up in a couple of odd sidestreets infested with cockroaches...which ofcourse we ran away from quickly!

The first whole day in Bangkok (19th March) we were out and about at around 11am, ready to start the hunt for some good breakfast! We ended up going to the biggest shopping centre in the whole of South-East Asia called Siam Paragon, it is very well known for it's luxury shopping and they sell everything from Ferraris to Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Fendi and Prada! Ofcourse for us it was just for looking around and dreaming about all the things we(mostly I....) would buy if we had the money for it!
On the ground floor of Siam Paragon they have a food court which works like a cafeteria, you buy an electronic card with whatever amount you want and you walk around from "stand" to "stand" choose what you want and pay with the card, love had a Japanese style pork soup with egg and I just had some plain eggfried rice with shrimp ♥

After eating and walking around for a while at Siam Paragon we headed out again intothe "real" Bangkok and started walking fromSiam areaand to Lumpini Park. On the way we passed several otherparks, theUniversity of Bangkokandgot some help from a nice old Thai couple who walked with usto find our wayto thepark♥
Lumpini Park has its own artificial lake going through it where you even can rent boats to go through the park, we didn't bother spending our money on that so we just walked around as we pleased, watching all the old ladies doing their outdoors aerobics, all the joggers sweating and the kids playing in the playgrounds ♥ We even spotted a water monitorwalking out from the lake, it is quite a big lizard that can get up to 25kg and be almost 3,5metres long!! When we first saw it we weren't sure what it was or if it was dangerous, thinking it might be something similiar to the komodo dragon, so we didn't get too close. Later on we found out they are not dangerous to people, but they can ofcourse bite so feeding them by hand is not something you would want to do..!
On our way out of the park a song started playing on speakers which were set up all over the park and everyone just froze, no joggers, no kids playing and nobody speaking or walking and then I remembered I had read that in Bangkok they play the national anthem twice a day, and when that happends everyone stops in respect for the king, so ofcourse we stopped aswell! We don't want to be rude tourists do we??

After sunset and pointing out our next stop for the evening, we got on our first Tuk Tuk and headed to Chinatown to go see Wat Traimit. When we got there we walked abit outside the main temple first and ended up hearing and seeing our very first ceremony with lots of monks chanting at the same time, it was amazing to hear and I even found it quite relaxing and calming to listen to. We walked up the stairs to the main temple and found out it had closed for the day, so we thought we would have to settle for just pictures from the outside. Luckily there was a guy working there, a security guard I think, who said he could let us in even though it was closed and we didn't even have to pay ♥ We had to take off our shoes and leave them outside and I had to cover my shoulders before we could go inside, the temple was small but beautiful, with amazing details in gold everywhere. The Wat Traimit actually has the world's largest solid gold Buddha statue weighing 5,5 tons, it was cast sometime in the 13th century and was after that covered in plaster to hide the true value of this statue, in 1955 it was moved to this temple and when the ropes broke the statue fell and some of the plaster got chipped off, showing the gold underneath.

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