Thought maybe it was about time I write some more here...Im noticing after several of months without blogging its quite hard to get started again! But here comes part of our 3rd day in Bangkok, I took too many photos this day so Im sharing it into two posts.
So on the 3rd day we actually had made some plans on what to do, we took the skytrain and underground(already getting easier and easier to find our ways round the city) to Sam Yan station and headed to the Snake Farm, ofcourse just in time to see the snake handling show.
What was special about this snakefarm is that they produce anti-venom for snake bite victims all over the world. So they have venomous snakes like the king cobra, Siamese cobra, Malayan pit viper, green pit viper and several others that they milk daily to be able to make the venom needed.

We walked abit around by ourselves to see all the different snakes before the snake handling show started later on, trying to spot some of the snakes was harder than I had thought, ecspecially the cobra who had one of the biggest terrariums and was hidden quite well between all the bushes and plants in there.
From the snake show we learned that there are over 180 different snakes in Thailand and 56 of those are venomous, they got out one and one snake and held it up and went around showing it to the visitors. One ecspecially as you can see on the pictures was EXTREMELY aggressive and tried to bite the snake handler several times while he was holding it.
After the show me and love got to hold the huge python snake they had there between us, we were told it was for good luck and long lasting love

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