oktober 2011

Man in Black

I just had to post this, isn't this the cutest halloween outfit for a kid?? ♥If a kid showed up trick or treating dressed as Johnny Cash I think I would have to give him the rest of the candy...

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!! This year has been a quite, stay at home halloween as I have been and still have the flu! So this evenings, candles are lit, scary movies are lined up and candy has been bought ¢¾...

Winter Ahead

I've just been browsing around for wintercoats, last year here in Malta someone stole my favourite black peacoat while we were out! So I have a good excuse to be looking for a nice new wintercoat, ...


I'm sick with the flu...so the only thing on the menu since yesterday and probably for the next couple of days is tea with way too much honey, buttered toast, nosespray, vitamin Cand lots and lots ...

Fake It

This is why I love make-up..the guy in the video is known as Zombie Boy to most people, his real name being Rick Genest.All his tattoos are real and 80% of his body is covered in tattoos right now,...

Happy Weekend

I'm off all weekend and already enjoying it! This evening me, love and some friends are going to a surprise birthday party at a place called Bugibba, never been out and about there before so gonna ...

Sound in Motion

Soul Food

Finally back on my own PC being able to use it without problems again ♥So here are some photos from the past couple of days....after uploading all the photos here I'm noticing they're mostly ...

Summer of 1956

So...still not able to upload any picture or save anything on my PC at home! So all the posts have to be done from work where I obviously cannot stay uploading my photos and fixing them and all tha...

Pc Doctor

For a couple of days now I've been thinking that the time was up for my PC and it was time to put it to sleep....but now it looks like it will live! After some(alot)of help from my love ¢¾ Now it's...

Pink October

Octoberis the international breastcancer month. Pink October by cherrypie89 featuring a cap sleeve dress

Is Autumn Here?

This is how mine and my loves 1st day of October looked like♥ A visit to a nice cafè, a cappucino, my love anddelicious ricotta and spinach canneloni ♥

I Love me some Zombies

Don't know about you guys, but I LOVE zombie movies, series and everything that has to do with them! The best zombie movies are ofcourse the ones by Romero, the all time zombiemovie director. Me an...




22, Ås

A blogg about this and that. Currently living in Malta with my love! I like stuff like rockabilly, pinup, the 40's and 50's, baking and cooking, movies, travelling and other nice things <3 Email: m.tabone@gmail.com

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