South-East Asia 2012


Thought maybe it was about time I write some more here...I´m noticing after several of months without blogging it´s quite hard to get started again! But here comes part of our 3rd day in Bangkok, I...

Bangkok with it's giant lizards and world's largest golden Buddha you probably noticed the plans about blogging while me and love were out and about travelling didn't really work out, too much time would have been wasted sitting at internet cafès so I deci...

Bangkok Booked

I can't beleive I forgot to mention this here on my blog, me and love finally got around to ordering our plane tickets to BANGKOK!!♥ We booked one-way tickets since we have no idea how long w...

Needles and Pins

Today I left work early for my appointment at the local healthclinic, time for vaccines! It kind of feels like the trip to Asia is finally starting and seems more real now that we started with the ...


23, Ås

A blogg about this and that. Currently in Norway with my love, always ready for our next adventure! I love travelling, rockabilly and pinup fashion, the 40's and 50's, making delicious food and watching scary movies <3 Email:

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