Leopard and Lace

There is one shop I can't wait to go shopping in again when I get back to Norway in a couple of weeks, that is ofcourse H&M! When I was living in Norway before I always used to find something from ...

Satin, Glamour, Dollbaby

Wheels and Dollbaby have just launched a limited edition collection, was available online from yesterday and ofcourse I have checked it out on the site! As usual the collection consists of beautifu...

Skulls and Ruffles

I think I've become obsessed with Polyvore lately, so much pretty stuff there! But then again..so much way too expensive stuff! But a girl has to dream, and right now I'm dreaming about all of thes...


22, Ås

A blogg about this and that. Currently living in Malta with my love! I like stuff like rockabilly, pinup, the 40's and 50's, baking and cooking, movies, travelling and other nice things <3 Email: m.tabone@gmail.com

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